Silk & Social Justice  

By Carol Vinick

I enjoy expressing complex emotions in thought-provoking quilts. Through layering textures and colors, I develop mood around the subject in a piece. My goal is to give life to stories of injustice and the courageous people who rise up against it. Most of my quilts relate stories of resilience, challenge, and joy.


Portraying images of natural beauty releases me to use bright colors and multiple layers. I find myself visiting my stash with abandon. The fabric inspires me and brings me to a meditative place. I feel like I am floating above my work, and a visionary is creating the art. I am merely the technician who is executing the idea.


I collage tiny pieces of fabric, forming an image. Layering sheer silk over opaque cotton creates a subdued mood. Painting and stamping fabric add texture and depth. I complete my work with free-motion quilting to unify the piece.


Whether the image is a depiction of Rosa Parks’ courage, the camp at Auschwitz, the journey of raising my daughters, or the majesty of the Great Blue Heron, my quilts tell powerful stories that must be told over and over again.