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Carol Vinick Bio

Carol Vinick’s thought-provoking art quilts are inspired by meaningful events in her life and society.  Her pieces tell compelling stories of social injustice that need to be told.  Her use of color and fiber draws in the viewer, evoking emotions to those stories. Carol artfully depicts events in her life journey using collage.  Layering, painting, and stamping add depth and passion to her work.


Carol’s art quilts have been featured in museums, galleries, juried shows, and private collections. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Connecticut, including the Slater Museum and the West Hartford Art League.  Her quilts have been shown in dozens of venues with the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, including Hartford’s 100 Pearl St Gallery, Theatre Works, and The Windsor Art Center. Her powerful work has been recognized by museums such as The Brush Gallery and Whistler House Museum (Lowell, MA), the Sewing and Quilt Expo (Atlanta, GA), and the Fuller Craft Museum (Brockton, MA).





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Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective

Studio Art Quilt Associates

The Artisans Guild, Norfolk, CT

Women Against the Grain